SNAP for Operators
SNAP for Operators


Everything else you need to know


 Choosing which trips to run 

1. What happens if two or more operators want to operate the same times?

It is great that more than 1 operator wants to operate a connection, as the more journeys operating on a connection, the faster growth of passenger numbers occurs.

Once an operator has selected the journeys they would like to operate and they have been confirmed by the Snap team, no new or existing operator can select journeys to operate within 2 hours before or 2 hours after the selected journeys. 

2. What are the best days of the week to operate?

The peak days of operation are Friday, Saturday and Sunday (we call this the weekend - we know it isn’t the weekend, but it is to us!), followed by Thursday and Monday. 

The operator portal shows this information in a colour coded grid to make it easier for you to select the best journeys.

 3. What are the best times to operate?

The majority of our travellers are leisure travellers, who have flexibility on when to travel. We find the best times of travel are 0830-1000 / 1700-1830 Monday-Saturday and 1700-1900 on Sunday. 

4. Is operating 7 days per week, better than operating at peak times only?

From our experience, the more journeys that are on a connection, generate faster growth, however we don’t have sufficient evidence that a 7 day a week services grows faster than a connection that only operates at peak times.


5. How is the price of the tickets set? 

Snap has a market leading pricing algorithm which sets the price of each seat to be sold on a coach.

6. How does this pricing algorithm work?

The algorithm uses machine learning and will look to reprice every seat after each sale, taking into account capacity available on the coach, the time before departure and the operators rating (customer led). Initially the algorithm will price for growth when a new connection is setup and when it is established it will price for profit.

7. What involvement do I have in setting the price?

The snap pricing algorithm will do the pricing, you will be able to check the prices being sold are reasonable by logging into our website and viewing the tickets on sale.

Reviews and Ratings

8. How do customer reviews work?

The Operator Rating is a key part of working for Snap

At the end of each Snap Journey the customer is asked to rate their Journey with the Operator they travelled with, (they are rating the Operator not rating Snap) they are asked to provide a score between 1 and 5, with1 being poor and 5 being great.

9. What are these scores used for?

These scores are used to generate the Operator rating. The Operator Rating is used in a number of different ways:

 a) Setting the profit share level for an Operator

b) Forms part of the algorithim for setting the ticket price

c) Is used to allocate additional coach journeys to operators 

10. How do I know what my Operator rating is? 

Each month the operator will receive information about their Operator Rating, how they compare to other operators and how each driver has performed. 

Snap can provide assistance to Operators who would like to improve their ratings. 

Profit Share

11. How does the profit share work?

Once a return journey is profitable, then Snap will begin to take a profit share of the revenue. 

Details of the actual profit share percentages can be seen here.

You can see the profit share matrix by clicking here

12. How is the ‘profitability’ benchmark calculated?

Snap will begin to take a profit share when a return journey is profitable. We appreciate that businesses have different costs and we don’t want to have different negotiation on what contributes the profit level of a journey.

Therefore, Snap has set the benchmark and it should broadly cover the running costs of operating a journey, without contribution to the overheads or profit.

You can see this threshold as part of the profit share matrix 

13. What happens if there is more than one operator on the connection?

Revenue is allocated to the journey and therefore is allocated to the operator who operated that journey. There is no pooling of revenue

14. What is the Profit Share percentage taken by Snap? 

What an operator receives as their share of the revenue is dependant on their Operator Rating.

On average the Profit Share Percentage is 80% to the Operator and 20% to Snap

The differential rates are based on an Operators position in the ‘Operators Rating League Table’ using the 3-month rolling average of score from customers.

Additional capacity and additional coaches

15. What happens if there is additional demand on a day?

Snap monitors the demand for each connection being operated on its network. If the snap demand algorithm is predicting the need for an additional coach on a particular day, then Snap with generate a Journey Request for the additional coach and arrange for the journey to be covered.

If the demand algorithm predicts a new journey is required in a timeslot that has an operator already running then, the operator has first refusal on this new journey.. 

16. How is this additional coach covered?

The operator or operators on the connection will have ‘first refusal’ on the additional journey, it they are not able to operate the Journey, then the Journey is tendered to other Snap operators 

17. How is it allocated to an operator on a ‘first refusal basis’ if there are two operators on the connection? 

The operator who’s timeslot the new journey is in, will get ‘first refusal’. If this isn’t taken then the other operators are offered the journey. If more than one operator requests it, then the operators will be selected by operator rating

18. What price is the additional coach?

The operator who has ‘first refusal’ will be offered the trip based on the same pricing matrix as their other trips. 

Quality Standards

19. What quality standards are required to be a snap operator? 

We only work with the best operators, all operators must therefore meet the following to be able to operate journeys for snap: 

●      Operators must not have a Red rating on OCRS

●      Operators must have an O License for a minimum of 15 vehicles

●      Operators must have had no regulatory action involving the curtailment or revocation of the Operator’s Licence, or the disqualification of the Transport Manager(s) or directors, has been taken by a Traffic Commissioner within the last 5 years.

●      Operators must have a system in place so that at any time a coach is on the road, they have a 24-hour back-up system and are able to contact drivers and resolve any operation issues

.●      Operators must have all relevant insurances in place for the vehicles they use

Fairly obviously, the coach and operator must comply with all applicable legislation.

20. What operator paperwork does Snap require?  

All operators are asked to provide a copy of their insurance (motor, employee liability, public liability), copy of the Operators license and a copy of their latest OCRS 

Every six months this paperwork is reviewed so new up to date copies will be required to be provided to snap.

Equipment / Coach

 21. What sort of coach do I need to do Snap work

Our coach requirements are very straight forward, we need a coach that has a toilet and air conditioning. 

22. What equipment do I need to work on Snap?

All you need is a smart phone with data connection, that has the Snap Drivers Pro app loaded on it.

23. What equipment will Snap Provide?

Snap will provide two window boards with the Snap logo on them for display in the front and rear windows.

Service Enhancements

It is clear from customer feedback (and Operator Ratings) that our customers love the service enhancements that we encourage operators to provide.  If you are planning on providing Service Enhancement we ask that the following applies:

24. Should I provide Charging Sockets?

This is the number 1 request from customers on snap Journeys, so they can charge their phones on long Journeys. We *STRONGLY* recommend using coaches with charging sockets.

25. Should I provide Sat Nav?

One of the key things for passenger is that they don't get unnecessarily delayed in avoidable traffic. Most customers will be tracking their journey on their smartphone so will be aware of traffic delays enroute. We therefore need drivers to be also aware of those traffic jams that could be avoided by diverting on to a different road. We therefore would like all Snap coach driver to use a sat nav with ‘live traffic’ updates.

26. Should I provide free bottled water?

Customers love to receive free water on their Journeys. It’s an easy way to get customers to love you at very low cost. The cost is likely to be easily paid for by the enhanced commission through a higher Operator Rating. but don’t like to receive it in a plastic bottle that is not going to be recycled. We can provide details of a Company that can provide canned water for both ‘still’ and ‘sparkling water’, as an alternative to bottled water. 

If you are going to provide water in a single use plastic bottle, can you ensure you have in-place a recycling system for the plastic bottles.

 27. Should I provide Wifi?

This isn't something we get many requests for, but it is available please ensure the ‘password’ is available for passengers

28. Should I provide chargeable snacks?

Who doesn’t like a snack whilst travelling on a long journey? We are happy for drivers to sell snacks to customers as long as the prices aren’t extortionate! Corner shop prices rather than mini bar prices please!

Training / Assistance

29. How do I get the driver trained?

 Driver Training can be arranged via the Snap team and is free of charge.

 Driver training can be conducted in a number of different ways. If you have a group of driver (more than 5) you would like to train, we can arrange for a member of the snap team to attend and train them, it usually takes around 60 minutes.

Alternatively if you would like to train the drivers individually you can use our online training, which we can arrange you to have access to.

30  How does the driver know what pick-up point / drop-off point to use?

The Snap Driver Pro app tells the drivers the pick-up point (PUP) and Drop-off Point (DOP) to use and the app will tell them the number of passengers to expect as each stop.

31 How do I get refresher training?

This can be arranged in the same way as the normal driver training.

32 What assistance can a driver get when they are on a snap Journey?

Our Help Team is available whilst Snap coaches are on the road, if a driver encounters any problems or would like some advice, please contact them 


33.     Where can I park in the destination city? 

It is the responsibility of operators to find places to park their coach. In some circumstances we can provide suggestions on the places to park. 

34. Who pays for coach parking?

It is the responsibility for Operators to pay for any charges incurred for Parking.

Operational Difficulties

 35. What happens if the coach has a breakdown?

It is the responsibility of the operator to resolve the breakdown and arrange onward travel. Please ensure the driver (and / or someone from the Operator) informs our Help Team, so they can communicate with the passengers.

If the delay is going to be more than 2 hours then refunds will be issued to the customers and alternative travel arranged. These costs will be passed to the operator. 

36. What happens if you don’t have a coach available to operate a Snap Journey?

 It is the operators responsibility to find another coach to operate the Journey.

 If this is difficult, Snap can try to tender the journey on your behalf, if Snap incurs additional costs, such as providing refunds and / or onward travel costs, as a result of this, these costs will be passed to the Operator

37. What happens to the revenue if someone else operates the connection?

If you have subcontracted the journey to another operator, you will continue to receive the revenue, but you will need to pay the operator for doing the journey on your behalf. 

If Snap have tendered the journey to another operator on a fixed price basis then Snap will retain the revenue. If it was awarded on a preferential basis then the new operator receives the revenue.

 42.     What happens if an Operator wants to cancel a Journey?

Once a Journey is confirmed an Operator cannot cancel a Journey, equally Snap will not cancel a Journey that has been awarded to an Operator.

 Getting Paid

 43.     How will I know what each return journey takes?

You will have be provided with regular updates on how the Journeys you operate have performed.

44.     When will I get paid?

This is probably the most important thing. You will get paid monthly in arrears. We will provide you with a report within 7 days of the end of the month, showing the total revenue taken for that month. You will then invoice us for the amount on the report and we will arrange payment within 5 days